Styling up the Wordsmithy website

Here I am practising what I preach. Thanks to the wonderful Susie Tobias at Wise Genius, I have a newly formatted website with brand new content and most importantly, a blog that I can update easily whenever I want to.

I often talk to clients about the importance of keeping web content up to date, even when your site is – like mine – relatively static in nature. Words are my business, so I haven’t chosen to feature animations and video. After all, you’re probably most interested in how and what I write, if you’re a current or prospective client! But my main pages needed refreshing and it was a good exercise for me to consider how what I do has changed and what I’ve learned in the last year or two about what clients and prospects most want to know about The Wordsmithy when they visit the site. So I’ve updated the content accordingly.

It’s great to have the site content directly under my control. I’ll be keeping it updated with new products, services, comments and context. I know it doesn’t look hugely different: I’ve deliberately kept a simple menu structure so it’s easy to navigate and find out more quickly.

Susie has been a joy to work with on the site and I heartily recommend her services if you are looking for a pragmatic but creative web designer and fixer with 100% attention to detail and a wonderful ability to communicate clearly even to the less tech-savvy among us! You can find her at .


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