Who cares if it’s original?

Why original copy does matter for SEO

SEO (or search engine optimisation) helps make sure your website comes up near the top of any search on Google, most importantly, but also any other search engines used by potential customers. Google’s clever ‘spiders’ automatically search and classify websites and rank them according to their perceived usefulness against searches by Google users.

If you’ve searched for consumer products of any kind on the web lately you might have come across some examples of the worst kind of SEO – pages that look useful in your search results but turn out to be almost nonsensical text containing blocks of keywords that duplicate text from other sites, or direct you to portal sites with no content of their own, containing a myriad of links onward to other sites.

Honesty pays

The cleverness of Google means that as fast as these dodgy tactics evolve, they’re identified and sidestepped by the indexing algorithm. At the end of the day, to maintain its prized position as the most useful and most used search engine, Google seeks to produce genuinely useful search results so that web browsers can find the info, services and products that most closely match their needs.

There’s really no substitute for relevant, original, interesting and well-written content on your website, whatever some disingenuous SEO ‘experts’ and agencies might tell you. If you add features, articles, guides, blog posts and information that your customers and prospects want to read, they will return to your site and recommend it. The Googlebots will take note and reward your integrity and relevance with a rising search position.

One visit is never enough

Keeping things current and fresh is important. You want customers to bookmark useful information, and find even more of it when they return to your site. That’s the way they’ll become regular visitors and advocates.

The chances are, your colleagues have a wealth of knowledge and experience that customers would love to share in. But they may not have the time to produce web content or they may not feel confident in their written skills. A writer with knowledge of your market and the capability to come up with original ideas and approaches could solve the problem. It can simply be a case of getting content from a quick phone chat then writing it up in the right style for the web. Or you might ask a writer to come up with ideas for content and research it themselves.

Because web content needs to be kept brief and digestible you shouldn’t need to pay for too much of the writer’s time. So it’s a cost effective way to keep your customers and prospects interested and to attract new visitors, as well as improving your search engine rank.

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