Starting a Riut – with words

Revolutionary Riutbag

The revolutionary Riutbag – launched with winning words

I was lucky enough to grab an hour or two with successful Kickstarter entrepreneur Sarah Giblin recently. I have been following her journey with great interest as she has conceived, developed and launched her revolutionary new RiutBag rucksack for calm city travel.

My Kickstarter backer’s early release rucksack landed with me a few weeks ago and it really has changed the way I feel about commuting and travelling. What makes this rucksack so different is that it’s back to front. Its zips have moved from the outside to being against your back, so you feel safe whilst you’re travelling.

Riut stands for Revolution In User Thinking. I have been particularly impressed with the way Sarah has used free social media communication channels to gather feedback, gain support and build a loyal supporter base for a fledgling brand that has big potential. As well as exceeding its Kickstarter fundraising target and selling out the first production run, the RiutBag has attracted media and industry interest and won a prestigious design award. All without Sarah paying a penny for above the line advertising.

I asked her to talk to me about what she does day to day for communication and why she’s chosen to do it this way. Sharing in her thinking has inspired me to think about how I can communicate what I do better, even though my service and market is very different. I hope you’ll find it stimulating too, in the two posts that follow.

As well as being a world-class entrepreneur, Sarah is an articulate, accomplished and animated writer and digital marketer who needs no help from someone like me. But if you’re not as confident with words as Sarah is or don’t have the time to craft them, I can help with creating your online content as a one-off or as part of a sustained campaign.

Find out more about the RiutBag vision and product, including Sarah’s fascinating blog, on the Riut website. You can also pre-order for the second production run – I highly recommend it!

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