Small & medium businesses

Marketing and communications can really make a difference to new customers’ first perceptions of your products and services, as well as building current clients’ loyalty and trust. How you describe your approach and what you do can make the difference between an order and a rejection.

For entrepreneurs and start-ups, your initial branding and style set the tone for all future interactions with customers. You need to be credible, differentiated and clear about your product or service if it’s new to the market.

We’ll be glad to help with your website text, brochures, case studies, letters, direct mail or reports. Maybe you’ve not used anyone external for these things before. If you’d like any suggestions about the creative imagery or format of these things, we’ll be happy to chip in and can even recommend designers or printers with a good reputation to produce them. If you have a marketing manager or team, we’ll work with them and fit what we do with any other materials you or anyone else have produced.

Cost and time can be a concern if you’ve not worked with a copywriter or marketing agency before. Or perhaps you have and didn’t have a good experience.

We’ll always agree a quote and timescales upfront, as well as how much time you or your staff will need to spend reviewing or discussing with us. If you have a budget in mind, say so and we’ll see what we can do for it, or suggest ways of getting the most from your overall marketing money. If that means you gathering the information for the writing to keep costs down, for instance, we’ll say so. Or if you’re short on time and want us to manage or brief creative or production for you, we could do that too.

Because the Wordsmithy is small and flexible, it’s easy for us to adapt to what you want and how you want it doing. We like keeping things simple and straightforward.

We worked with Charlie at an early and confidential stage in the development of our start-up concept. She contributed useful ideas and approaches and helped us create a distinct tone of voice and guidelines for the team to use ongoing, as well as producing content for our site that worked with our branding and layouts.”

Jonathan Knight, Qmee

An associate who’s a business coach and academic said my website was the best she had ever seen and that with my permission she wanted to point people in its direction as an example of best practice. She explained that it, in her opinion, it balanced the personal yet professional approach brilliantly.

This told me what I already knew: that my money had been very well spent in employing you to do the copy. Thanks so much for all your efforts and I will come back to you when making any significant changes to the website.”

Gillian Ormston, Intelligent Awakenings (Personal and business development coaching)