Coaching & advice

We can help you and your colleagues build their own written communications skills through structured or responsive coaching and training. Charlie Hobson shares her expertise using coaching and facilitation skills to understand organisational, commercial and individual needs. Her broad business background helps her quickly grasp your priorities and deliver effective, targeted coaching and training.

We can coach people…

  • at all levels, from senior management to junior staff
  • from any function, including operations, internal communications, HR and marketing
  • who are in a new role that requires more focus on communication
  • who have identified a need to develop their skills to do their job well
  • who lack skills or confidence

Sessions are tailored to your needs and can include:

  • One-to-one informal coaching to identify and address particular needs and concerns for the individual
  • Small peergroup sessions
  • Guided coaching, working through a toolkit of techniques and approaches
  • Hard skills transfer, teaching good practice in writing
  • How to write to achieve the action or outcome required
  • How to understand and engage with audiences through communication
  • A focus on particular media or tasks
  • Working sessions, with feedback and improvement on existing written materials or starting from scratch to create a new piece of communication
  • Practical exercises
  • Follow up with feedback, practical support and advice by phone, email or further sessions

We can concentrate on any medium or aspect, or a combination, depending on the person or group’s role and requirements:

  • Tone, style, structure and approach
  • General emails, notes and memos
  • Briefings
  • Customer letters
  • Web or blog content
  • Sales or marketing writing
  • Employee communications and newsletters
  • Motivational and HR communication
  • Reports and management communication
  • Communication for cascade

If your organisation is starting up, engaged in re-branding or is transforming itself, matching communication style at all levels to the new values and messages is really important. Coaching and workshops help people see how these values need to be applied in all their communication.

If your communications approach is evolving, Charlie can help you develop and document the tone of voice and guidance you’d like to use, then transfer knowledge and skills to your staff so they can meet the standard in their day-to-day roles. 

Coaching and training comments:

“I found it really helpful! I think I’ve even managed to squeeze some of it into my comms today!”

“Charlie is a proper expert and knows what she’s talking about.”

“The workshops ALL went well, it’s been a really good thing to get started.”

“Many thanks for your time. I have already sent out a briefing and used the tools and tips.”