Are you red carpet-ready?

Been to any good awards ceremonies lately? We might not have much chance of making it to the Baftas or Oscars, but most industries hold their own equivalents which can be almost as much fun!

It’s always a boost to be recognised by peers and industry experts for what you and your team have achieved, not to mention useful to have accolades to tell customers about. They’re evidence of the quality of what you do and help you stand out against competitors.

To win it, you have to be in it. And to be in it, you have to complete a submission for your chosen award and category. It turns out this in itself is a complex art.

For one thing, your innovation, teamwork, results, creativity and activities may be exemplary, but you probably only have a paragraph or two to convince the judges that it’s even worth reading on. For another, it’s surprisingly hard to blow your own trumpet. You really need to put aside any modesty if you’re serious about winning an award, but without boasting or arrogance.

For these reasons, several clients have called on me to help with award submissions lately. Because I’m a step removed from them, their teams and the work that’s so dear to their hearts, it’s easier for me to express coherently the commitment, passion and uniqueness of what’s been achieved. I’ll establish the proof points that support your submission and make the very most of everything you’ve done. I scrutinise the questions or brief and identify the right positioning for your work so it answers both authentically and impactfully. I can review previous winning submissions to see what made them stand out, so we can apply the same principles.

If you fancy dusting off your dinner jacket or cocktail frock for the next set of awards in your industry, I’d love to help you grab a gong – I promise the limelight will be all for you.

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